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Lirik lagu Freedom Fighter Saint Loco

Lirik lagu Saint Loco - Freedom Fighter di Stafaband lengkap tanpa daftar. Dengan video klipnya yang berjudul "Freedom Fighter", lagu ini resmi rilis pada 03 Mei 2015. Semua materi yang terkandung di Blog ini termasuk lirik lagu hanya untuk tujuan promosi saja. Selengkapnya Lirik Lagu Freedom Fighter yang dinyanyikan oleh Saint Loco.

Saint Loco - Freedom Fighter

Judul Freedom Fighter
Artis Saint Loco
Kategori Indonesia
Judul Video Freedom Fighter
Durasi Video 02:45 Menit
Diperbarui 16 April 2020

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Lirik Lagu Freedom Fighter:
It?s a dark place and I?m cruizinglike a nightwing
Bomtrack blast slangih when the strom swing
Bustin out the temple like a bullet proof monk
Shut down corruption tricky capitalism croock

Freedom fighter bring the noize
Kick out the numb now break out the wall 2x

Corruption, cover up the earth
Corruption, lady justice is blind

Freedom justice release me from this system
End of the day it?s the individual destruction
I vock it to the Zion
Blessing for my nation
Holyman came build up construction

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Corruption, cover up the earth
Corruption, lady justice is blind

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Where is the law 2x
Where is, where is, where is the law?
Lady justice blind?

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