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Van Halen - Hot for Teacher MP3

Download lagu Van Halen - Hot for Teacher, ukuran 5.42 MB durasi 05:35 menit dengan kualitas audio MP3 terbaik dan lirik, diupload oleh Van Halen, dan telah diperbarui pada 07 Oktober 2020.

Artis Van Halen
Judul Hot for Teacher
Rilis 04 March 2015
Ukuran 5.42 MB
Durasi 05:35 Menit
View 336x
Judul Video Van Halen - Hot For Teacher (Official Music Video)
Format Audio/MP3, Video/MP4

Download lagu Van Halen - Hot for Teacher

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Lirik Lagu Van Halen - Hot for Teacher

"Oh wow, man !"
"Wait a second man. Whaddaya think the teacher’s gonna look like this
year ?"
"My butt, man !"

T-T-Teacher stop that screaming, teacher don’t you see ?
Don’t wanna be no uptown fool.
Maybe I should go to hell, but I’m doin’ well,
teacher needs to see me after school.

I think of all the education that I missed.
But then my homework was never quite like this.

Got it bad, got it bad, got it bad,
I’m hot for teacher.
I got it bad, so bad,
I’m hot for teacher.

"Hey, I heard you missed us, we’re back !"
"I brought my pencil"
"Gimme something to write on, man"

I heard about your lessons, but lessons are so cold.
I know about this school.
Little girl from cherry lane, how did you get so bold ?
How did you know that golden rule ?


(guitar solo)

"Oh man, I think the clock is slow"
"I don’t feel tardy"
"Class dismissed"

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