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NIKI - Lose

Download lagu NIKI - Lose, ukuran 4.44 MB durasi 04:34 menit dengan kualitas audio MP3 terbaik dan lirik, diupload oleh NIKI. Dapatkan link download Lose gratis, mudah dan cepat.

Artis NIKI
Judul Lose
Diunggah 19 Agustus 2020
Ukuran 4.44 MB
Durasi 04:34 Menit
View 848x
Judul Video NIKI - Lose (Official Music Video)
Format Audio/MP3, Video/MP4

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Lirik Lagu NIKI - Lose

Lirik Lagu "Lose" oleh NIKI

        I will never know if you love me
Or my company, but I donít mind
íCause I ainít tryna be the one
Been through this a thousand times
I donít needa take your heart
You keep yours Iíll keep mine

All I really know is when Iím lonely
I hate that Iím lonely
And thatís why I let you in
And maybe in another life we fight all day, kiss all night
But I donít wanna break your heart, you keep yours Iíll keep mine

I know
We know better so
Weíd both better go

I donít need a reason
To keep on dreaminí
That we donít lose, yeah whatís the use?
I donít need a reason
To keep on dreaminí, oh
That we can win at anything at all

Am I the only one who sees right through this?
Yeah all this bullshit
Donít play me for no fool
Yeah you donít gotta lose your mind, every time I donít call
And I should never have to win your love
Then hate myself when I donít, oh, oh

Fickle as you are, thatís exactly why I keep on running back
íCause Iím brittle at the parts where I wish I were strong
And maybe when you need my help, I like myself when itís over
But later in the light, you go dark and rogue, and I need closure

And I know, whatever this is ainít love
So Iím goiní
Iím gonna let you go, let you go

I donít need a reason
To keep on dreaminí
That we dont lose, yeah whatís the use?
I donít need a reason
To keep on dreaminí
That I can win this stupid thing called love
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Download lagu NIKI - Lose

Stafaband - Download lagu NIKI - Lose yang resmi rilis pada 13 August 2020 dengan cepat dan mudah tanpa iklan. Beli juga DVD atau CD originalnya di Music Store atau gunakan I-Ring / RBTnya Agar NIKI terus dapat berkarya.

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