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Moto?rhead - On Parole MP3

Download lagu Moto?rhead - On Parole, ukuran 5.66 MB durasi 05:59 menit dengan kualitas audio MP3 terbaik dan lirik, diupload oleh Moto?rhead, dan telah diperbarui pada 07 Oktober 2020.

Artis Moto?rhead
Judul On Parole
Rilis 27 November 2011
Ukuran 5.66 MB
Durasi 05:59 Menit
View 311x
Judul Video Motrhead - On Parole
Format Audio/MP3, Video/MP4

Download lagu Moto?rhead - On Parole

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Lirik Lagu Moto?rhead - On Parole

They locked me up, put me away,
Said "You’re gonna get out in forever and a day"
I didn’t know what was going on,
All I was doing was looking for fun,
Forgot the reason, that’s what I’m told,
But you’ve gotta get it in before you get old,
They thought they had me, had me for keeps,
But they don’t know this boy never sleeps,
I’m back on the streets again,
I’m back on my feet again,
I’m On Parole, On Parole

I like laugh, I like a joke,
It’s not my fault if my sense of humour broke,
I tried to tell them I was sick,
They said they think it was some kind of a trick,
Alright, I would have done good,
If they had listened to me like they should,
I wouldn’t have this loaded gun,
Looking for a citizen to kill just for fun,
It’s good to be free again,
It’s good to be me again,
I’m On Parole, On Parole

Stop me now before I kill myself,
Stop me before I kill somebody else!

You’d better watch out, you never know,
Who’s going to be the next to go,
Night my friend, but it ain’t yours,
Fixes the odds, evens the scores,
Just turn around, I won’t go wrong,
When he hits the ground I’ll be long gone,
They won’t suspect me, no not a soul,
’Cos I’m a good boy I’m On Parole,
I’m raising my sights again,
I’m claiming my rights again,
I’m On Parole, On Parole

Stop me now before I kill myself,
Stop me now, or get somebody else

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