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Joseph Vincent - S.A.D. (Single Awareness Day) MP3

Download lagu Joseph Vincent - S.A.D. (Single Awareness Day), ukuran 4.32 MB durasi 04:22 menit dengan kualitas audio MP3 terbaik dan lirik, diupload oleh Joseph Vincent, dan telah diperbarui pada 11 Juni 2020.

Artis Joseph Vincent
Judul S.A.D.
Rilis 09 February 2012
Ukuran 4.32 MB
Durasi 04:22 Menit
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Judul Video Joseph Vincent- S.A.D. (Single Awareness Day) Official Music Video
Format Audio/MP3, Video/MP4

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Lirik Lagu Joseph Vincent - S.A.D. (Single Awareness Day)

I feel that I should tell ya
A warning to prepare you
About this song, it’s when love goes wrong, but I’ll carry on

I gotta keep it real
Of how I really feel
About this day, I don’t want it to stay, so please go away

When cupid aimed his arrow at me
He missed by a 100,000 feet

This ain’t a song about love, it’s the actually opposite I’m thinkin’ of
I don’t care about the cards, or candy hearts, oh no no no I’ll tell you right from the start
Oh, reminds of how I don’t have a date, the 14th of February gets in the
way cause for me, It’s Single Awareness Day

With all the red and pink
It’s just so hard to think
Oh why should I care, about what I should wear, for nobody who’s there

I need love,
I need you
I need some one to hold me too

I need love
It’s so true
I need ya to say I love you


S.A.D No valentine for me
And Imma be alright if you could only see
That today’s just a day and if it’s meant to be
There’s always next year, just wait and see


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