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Epik High - Lesson Zero MP3

Download lagu Epik High - Lesson Zero, ukuran 2.39 MB durasi 02:24 menit dengan kualitas audio MP3 terbaik dan lirik, diupload oleh Epik High, dan telah diperbarui pada 19 Januari 2021.

Artis Epik High
Judul Lesson Zero
Rilis 18 January 2021
Ukuran 2.39 MB
Durasi 02:24 Menit
View 400x
Judul Video Lesson Zero (Lesson Zero)
Format Audio/MP3, Video/MP4

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Lirik Lagu Epik High - Lesson Zero

Things can change
In the pouring rain
From the shadows
See it towering
Half the light
Can fade away
Face your shadow
Then you follow it
You follow it
You follow it
Half the light
Can fade away
Face your shadow
Then you follow it

They teach you to heed the word of a god who has never spoken
To fear breaking the law when it’s already broken
That to feel is to be weak, to suppress emotion
So no one sees you had a heart ’till your chest is open
They got you hating who you are, to sell you pills and fiction
Reachin’ for the stars when you were born up there with ’em
Addicted to the news, views, superstitions
To keep the visionaries glued to their televisions
They want you busy stepping to the right side of history
To keep you from the inside of history
Give everyone a voice
But leash ’em wit the mic cord
Feed you things to fight about
Instead of things to fight for
Teach you everything you want
But nothing you need
That everything’s got a price
And nothing is free
They’ll turn everything to nothing
Then make you believe
That everything is under control
And there’s nothing to see
No more lessons please
Take me back to zero
No more teachers, no more prophets, no more heroes
No more lessons please
Now I see, the question to all answers
Will only bring me to my knees
And back to zero

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