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Dan + Shay - Neon Cowgirl

Dan + Shay - Neon Cowgirl

Download lagu Dan + Shay - Neon Cowgirl Mp3 disertai lirik lagu di Stafaband. Download CEPAT dan Mudah. Lagu Neon Cowgirl adalah album Bigger Houses.

Artis Dan + Shay
Judul Neon Cowgirl
Album Bigger Houses
Dirilis 2023
Durasi 3:31
Audio Summary MP3, 48 kHz

Lirik Lagu

I See You Drinking Alone
All By Yourself In The Corner
And That Just Ain’t Right

You Should Be Out On The Floor
The Cover Band Singing For Ya
Having The Time Of Your Life

I Don’t Know What He Did
But I Can Tell You This
Ain’t Worth The Tears In Your Eyes

Neon Cowgirl
Don’t You Cry
Don’t You Know You Were Born To Shine
Rain Stops Falling
And Hearts Unbreak
So Let That Cowboy Ride Away
It Won’t Be Like This Forever
Ain’t No Storm That You Can’t Weather
Neon Cowgirl
Don’t You Cry

That Pair Of Boots You Got On
They Should Be Taking You Dancing
Under These Broadway Lights
You Oughta Know That You’re Stronger
Than The Drink In Your Hand Is
So Hold Your Head Up High

Way You Light Up A Room
Don’t Know What Kinda Fool
Could Ever Tell You Goodbye

I Know It’s Been A While
Since You Showed Off Your Smile
And All That Blue In Your Eyes

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Dan Shay Neon Cowgirl
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