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Cousin Stizz - Say Dat MP3

Download lagu Cousin Stizz - Say Dat, ukuran 2.62 MB durasi 02:48 menit dengan kualitas audio MP3 terbaik dan lirik, diupload oleh Cousin Stizz, dan telah diperbarui pada 10 September 2021.

Artis Cousin Stizz
Judul Say Dat
Rilis 09 September 2021
Ukuran 2.62 MB
Durasi 02:48 Menit
View 166x
Judul Video Say Dat
Format Audio/MP3, Video/MP4

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Lirik Lagu Cousin Stizz - Say Dat

Say dat

Say dat, say dat
Say dat, say dat

Best way’s the cash one, we’ve been good for less
Bro lackin’ never, wave it ambidexter
Ways from the neighborhood, blunts big as banister
For this I’ma never lose, boy I say we next up

Bitch want say so, I want Alfredo
My dog want car a day old
Servin’ Lan Del Ray though
Hoppin’ out the foreign, it look like a mango
Stay wit 10’s or more, that’s just how I play though
They doin’ what I say though
Nigga walk you with that fire it take 2 to tango
Big dog better know they pop faygo
Say dat
I just break ’em, I don’t make the rules

Say dat
Say dat, say dat
Say dat, say dat

On it they owe
Tryna rip this shit apart but it’s not a lego
When I stop she make it drop, I don’t gotta say more
Blast the fan, I was mashin’ up the gas
Know it goes fast, gotta win or that’s your ass
IOS the cash upgrade iOS the cat
What’s your number baby, ’cause you my style
40 talkin’ banger, let’s Ruth Chris and hang it
She congratulate me ’cause I move just like the mayor
Choppa on my youngin’, he a smooth operator
My moves shocked a hater, I’m the glove, no Gary Payton
My dog said the work shocked a J, he loved the flavor
Kept my head down and got to workin’ ’til we made it out
You forgot it, I can’t live without it

Say dat, say dat
Say dat, say dat
Say dat, say dat
Say dat, say dat

Bitch want say so
I’ma slide, say go
Them shots sized as egg rolls, my killa pop like faygo
Hoppin’ out the mango
And I got some 10s on me they all bad and they know
Doin’ what I say though

Say dat, say dat
Say dat, say dat
Say dat, say dat
Say dat

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